Lessons learned from what’s left

While running this morning I noticed that a few doors down from us, where “Sale” signs had been posted for a week, a long line of people awaited the reported 9:00 opening. A few days previous there had been a beautiful cabinet displayed outside- advertisement. When I returned home, I saw people leaving the house- proudly carrying their new belongings. I thought I would see what was going on and walked into the home. Almost immediately I was struck by feelings of reverence, and wonder. I was entering the remains of someone’s world.

Walking trancelike through the rooms, I considered the life of the man, I felt, who had owned these things. What had he filled these many chest of drawers with? Books on medicine and surgery filled the shelves of a room completely walled in red bookcases. Had he been a doctor, like my own husband will be? He had walnut oil in his kitchen too, like me. Did he receive his from a health nut, like I did? I noticed a pastry cutter, taped together with a wine bottle opener and a garlic press it was selling for 1.00. I need a pastry cutter and picked it up. It was at this point that I noticed those around me.

They didn’t seem to be viewing the surroundings like the Museum piece that I was. Rather they scavenged through the belongs, greedily trying to beat out their followers. One woman sneered and commented on the mess of bird seed on the outside porch. “Somebody fed the birds” she declared disgustedly. Raising my eyes from her observation, I saw the backyard- a perfect replica of the garden Tom fears I will one day own. There was no grass- only a path between flower beds. It showed signs of old glory, gone wild with years of unintended neglect. The garden made me feel close to this man. I wished I could have helped him with his flowerbeds. Wished I would have known of their condition, hid from me by his beautiful home. Now as his comrade, I became sensitive to the comments about his belongings. The argument between two individuals over who claimed his garden bench first, hurt. Who were we, outsiders, sweeping in vultureously to possess his remains.

I didn’t have money with me, so I walked back home. With nothing. I pondered over whether I should go back and buy that pastry cutter. I had wanted one several times while making various dishes. I waited, showered, and dressed- thinking of him, that man. I decided to go back and get the honored device. But it was gone- like him.

I never met the man, or who I believe to be a man. But his possessions told me about him. His house smelled of cats- his lone companions, and the files of people carrying art work- revered his cultural taste. All of the furniture was wood and of firm quality build. The bird seed and garden told of his love of the outdoors.

In someways I wish I had that pastry cutter- so I could remember him. However, visiting his house strengthen within me the knowledge that life lives on after death. Earthly possessions can be passed from estate sale to thrift store,  but they will never leave this earth.


” I suppose the sensations, stirred by those first sounds, first sights, are felt but once;

treasure them, Memory; seal them in urns, and keep them in safe niches!”

-Charlotte Bronte “The Professor”

I have enjoyed a list of many firsts this summer. First house, first bed, first kitchen, first pot, first time making scones, first time. . .

There is something so crucial in cataloging those primal sensations and retaining them for times many years down the road when everything seems redundant. Perhaps part of being childlike is learning to find the joy of ones “first” – everytime!

Cooking in my Kitchen

I finished painting our kitchen this morning. The fresh white backdrop is so much cleaner and brighter than the previous yellow and brown and green floral print. I nailed up my little hand-painted plate, and I just love it! I feel a great affection for the kitchen. I never realized how much I would enjoy these summer weeks of domesticity. Tom is bewildered by the whole thing, calling me a “Service Machine!” I have just enjoyed creating meals out of my healthy grocery finds. Okay, so less healthy perhaps, but I made the most incredible lemon bars the other day. I found the recipe in the Lion House Classics recipe book that Mary gave us as an Engagement gift. I don’t know if it was because I had had the lemons for several weeks so they were fully ripe, or because the recipe was just that good either way. I have always loved Lemon bars but these were especially good- very lemony. I was proud of myself because I altered the recipe to make a smaller batch. Usually when I try altering recipes they don’t turn out so hot, but this was a great success. The crust was actually much better with less butter. Yeah, I was excited. I still am!


We are back to the mainland after a lovely stay in Paradise! We recommend it to everyone. Our favorite memories where: kayaking to an abandoned beach and cracking open coconuts, body boarding with turtles, watching and participating in Adrienne and Jeremy’s gorgeous wedding, watching the spectacular Review at the Polynesian Cultural Center with Tom’s Fam, having our chocolates stolen, eatting lots of fried food and lots of fruit, loosing to Doug in the largest Maze on the planet (at the Dole plantation), flying for days- okay I guess that wasn’t a favorite, earning $800 in flight vouchers, seeing a complete double rainbow, relishing in the scenery, and being scorched by the sun. It was incredible! Thank you so much Mom and Dad Foutz!

What?!- Hawaii!!

It’s crazy to think that we are heading off for yet another fabulous vacation in two days. Tuesday morning early we leave for Hawaii. Due to Adrienne and Jeremy’s wedding, we are going, and we decided to elongate the trip a bit to include a little second honeymoon. We are looking forward to seeing the volcanos, kayaking, snorkeling, and enjoying the stunning surroundings. I am also glad I will have a change to meet a few more of Tom’s relatives, as well as spend more quality time with his immediate family. Aloha!