Scotland’s first food

Today is Scotland’s five month birthday. We celebrated yesterday by trying solids- some homemade brown rice cereal. Tom photographed the event (beautifully, I might add.)

I wouldn’t say Scotland particularly liked the actual food. He loved the spoon! Actually the faces he made at the end, and again today when I fed him were hysterical. Something like “Ugh! What is that? Get that out of my mouth.” Maybe I should try mixing it with a little breast milk. Right now we’re just trying to introduce him to the idea. He’s started to smack his lips when I eat, so he’s getting the idea.

We’ve been having so much fun together. Scotland is at such an exploratory age. He loves playing in his saucer and on the floor with toys. He can entertain himself for quite a while. He’s rolling all ways now, and uses it to get where he wants. He can use his hands to twist his body around in a circle. Earlier this week he even did a little army crawl, where he pushed off with his toes and used his arms to pull him forward- he hasn’t done it since though. Yesterday morning we were playing on my bed. I was laying there next to him tickling him and laughing with him. At one point he rolled over so his little body was right next to mine and then leaned his head over onto me. He’s so sweet. He’s started to hold onto the bars of his crib, and lean his head up against the railing. When he wakes up from his nap he’ll push himself up on his hands, cry out and look towards the door over the bumper- waiting for me to arrive. He still loves to blow bubbles and squeal loudly. He’s figured out how to arch his back and utilizes the skill when he’s protesting sleep. He has a tooth that keeps coming in and out, causing a bit of fussiness whenever it arrives. He loves playing “super Scotter” with Dad. He is getting more and more ticklish, particularly under his chin and on his sides. He’s still getting up at least once to eat during the night. He slept completely through the night from like 8:30-6:30 once. After which I decided it was time to stop his night time feedings. But. . . then we had family come, then I got sick, now we’re having Scotland sleep in his Go Crib in our room where there is an air conditioner- and I want Tom to be able to sleep. . . so, I’m just waking up and feeding him. The fact is, I’m doing fine sleep wise. And I love that little cuddle time. Scotter loves bath time and kicks and kicks his feet and squeals. He’s always up for a walk or run in the stroller. Now he only takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap, depending on the day sometimes he’ll sneak in a short late afternoon nap. We play peek-a-boo and he loves it. Mornings are his happiest time. When you pull him from a laying position to standing, he skips the sitting part and immediately straightens into a stand. Harry the Horse is still his favorite toy. Yesterday we watched Yo-Yo-Ma play the Elgar Cello concerto on youtube. He sat and watched intently the entire time. He’s very expressive. We love him!

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