Pre-plan your parenting

I recently read this post by Kate from Picklebums, and I really liked her approach. I liked her idea of creating a script. I’ve found that set phrases can work wonders in helping me phrase things in a kind polite way, when I might not be feeling so inclined. When Scotland hollars “I want water!” I automatically say, “Will you try that again.” But there are many other occasions when I find myself lacking, how do I address this issue- what should I say- should I just ignore this behavior? I love it when my husbands around more because I can gather ideas from him. It turns out just saying “Too bad!” Is often the best way to help my child realize that begging and discussing has come to an end.

But what really resonated with me was the idea of prevention. Usually if I sit back and look at the day or week I can quickly diagnose a problem- we weren’t active enough, I didn’t give Scotland enough attention, his schedule was out of wack- more often than not, if I fix this or that I can clear up bad behavior and get my sweet, obedient, happy boy back. The last few days have been a bit trickier with Scotland. It occurred to be this afternoon, after carrying a screaming Scotter to his room for naps, that I’ve gotten too serious. As Kate said, we need more silliness! Hopefully that will be the solution to our problem. Wish me luck- and lots of silliness.

2 thoughts on “Pre-plan your parenting”

  1. So glad to hear that my ramblings made sense to someone! LOL
    I know how easy it is to get caught up in just trying to get through each day and sometimes it is really hard to find the time and motivation to think things through and do a little planning… but I hope that if you can manage it, it makes things much better in the long run!

    1. Kate,
      I love your blog. I’m glad you found my post! I was going to pop back over to your blog and leave a comment thanking you for your thoughtful words!

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