I’m having issues (Warning: Nudity. View at your own discretion!)

It started about a month ago. I was sitting cross-legged on a chair, when my brother, sitting across from me, with a little smirk said, “Um, you need to pull down your shirt.”

 “What? I don’t see anything.” But a quick feel revealed, sure enough, an inch of my belly was revealed, I just couldn’t see it.

Then there was last week when I was organizing the baby clothes my two sisters-in-law had generously given me.

No matter my attempts, I couldn’t keep myself decent.

The same thing happens anytime, I bend over, lean over, kneel down, or just stand still.

Sorry, if I’ve scandalized you. I’m having issues.

5 thoughts on “I’m having issues (Warning: Nudity. View at your own discretion!)”

  1. get yourself those pull over the entire belly preggo jeans. I know they don’t look all that flattering on the hanger…but believe me you won’t be tugging and pulling non stop. plus I don’t think you can really tell they are any different once you put your shirt on. The ones that went under my belly NEVER stayed up. Also I have heard good things about belly bands but I have never used them. good luck!

    P.s. This is Tiffany (Byington) Fackrell, ya know, Taylor Byington’s sister from Moses!!

    p.p.s. Congrats on the pregnancy!

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